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Press Release

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Los Angeles World Premiere

The Dark and The Wounded Short Documentary Film

Up for 3 awards: Best Short, Audience Award and Grand Prize

June 8, 2017   6 -8:30pm  The Landmark Theater, 10850 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, 90064

Los Angeles, CA:  To become great, you must have a vision, courage and tenacity.

Master Painter James Picard embodies all three in this defining chapter of his illustrious career. After exhibiting worldwide in a career that spans close to four decades, his new series takes us on a disturbing yet eye opening journey. The foreboding message and dark undertone of this painting series leads him to be rejected from the galleries where he usually displays his work. Determined to share his art and his message, Picard sets plans in motion to exhibit the series in a new way.

In an unprecedented move, he forces his way into the places no one else wants to go—abandoned prisons, vacant asylums long left to rot will become the backdrop for his new work: The Dark and the Wounded.

But entering these unearthly ruins proves to be more difficult than he could have ever imagined… He bends the rules. He trespasses. He writes a fake movie. He does whatever he needs to do to get in. Gaining momentum, he’s got only one thing on his mind…

Alcatraz Prison.

About The Dark and The Wounded: In Picard’s words: “In each of us there are wounds: emotional scars from trauma, abuse, abandonment, and fear. Some wounds are deeper than others but all result in suffering. These wounds, found in the dark regions of the human psyche, if ignored, manifest in other ways. Fear, racism, violence, isolation, homophobia, and denial are the result of failing to look within and heal the wounds that lie inside. The Dark and The Wounded series is not only about the consequences of a wounded and dark soul. It is about knowing that we all suffer, and that through compassion and awareness, for ourselves and others, we can heal our wounds. This in turn can heal ourselves, our families, our society, and the world in which we all live.”

About James Picard: Picard has exhibited extensively in over 150 art shows throughout North America and Europe. His work has been exhibited next to Picasso, Matisse, Miro, and Warhol. Harold Town stated that Picard’s talent is “rare in the art world”. When Picard is not painting, he is teaching others how to paint. He has received countless awards and accolades for his work and contributions to communities throughout North America. He has been commended for his extensive work with both hospitalized and inner city kids.

Further Information: Phone: 778-882-9885 / 778-712-1986 E-mail: picardmedia3@mail.com / cdeery@picardstudios.ca Web site: www.jamespicard.com


See James Picard at Montreal’s BBAM! RockNRoll Art Gallery June 9th

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BBAM! IS A ROCKNROLL ART GALLERY and we are proud to present James Picard : RocknRoll – Portraits. Art.Vision.
On June 9thBBAM! Returns to its rock ‘n’ roll roots with the Montreal debut of renowned Los Angeles/Vancouver artist, James Picard, with an exclusive show of his rock ‘n’ roll and musical icon series of B/W portraits. James met many of his heroes personally and he will be there in person to talk about his encounters and personal connections with the icons who shaped pop culture.
James is the subject of a documentary, The Dark & The Wounded, and he is flying directly to Montreal from its Los Angeles premiere. WOW!
-Ralph Alfonso – Galerie Director

Immortalizing murdered elephants on canvas

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James Picard’s Elephant Series is currently being featured on the official Ellen Degeneres YouTube channel

My Elephant Series of drawings & paintings was inspired by an article I read about a family of elephants that were well known on an Elephant Sanctuary Reserve in Africa. They were always together and a favourite among visitors to the reserve.

One morning park officials found them all murdered…their tusks and feet removed and their bodies left to rot in the sun. I felt sick for days and had many sleepless nights at the injustice of it all, but happy I could immortalize them in drawings and on canvas.





Late night musings

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james1It’s 2:36 am and I’m studying Michelangelo again.  It’s my 12th time reading this 597 page book… I’m sure it won’t be my last. Art isn’t just about painting. It is about seeing, looking and understanding. It is about learning and about how we see the world and the history of those who came before us. It is constantly studying  how they saw things and how they interpreted it and what they were trying to say. It’s about pushing the envelope of your mind and the endurance of your body.

It’s difficult to create great art without knowledge or experience- it’s not something you just pick up a brush and do. You first learn from a master who learned from their master who then learned from their masters and so on.

And it is something that requires your undivided time, energy and dedication… Every day you must look at the world differently, take in a new awareness … a new idea, a new creative breakthrough, and then you work. You create. You stop thinking. You draw, you paint, you unleash all you have learned throughout the day, the week, your life … There are no excuses, you just work.

Not many choose this path as it is one that is so difficult, exhausting and all consuming, and, if not careful, can lead one straight to madness as it requires a continual walk along the edge of the abyss. … But, in my mind, it’s all worth it.


A Lifelong Pursuit

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This painting I did titled “Two Wooden Ships at Sea” has insight into my own personal artistic journey. Like many European colonists, who risked death, starvation, storms and disease in order to get to the “New World,” I have chosen to raise the bar in terms of what an artist can do.

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