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Latest news from Picard Studios

By July 5, 2017Uncategorized

June has been one extremely busy month for James and Picard studios.

The beginning of the month saw James, along with his assistant Ciara, setting up a private screening of the “Dark & Wounded” film at Fox Theatre in Toronto, Canada.

The next day James was heading off to the airport to fly to Los Angeles to prepare for the New Media Film Festival in Hollywood where his film was nominated for three awards; Best Short

Documentary, People’s Choice award and the Grand Prize award.

Ciara took the train from Toronto’s Union Station and headed to Montreal that same day to set up for the Montreal exhibition of James’ Rock and Roll Icon Pencil Portraits exhibition.

Two days after the Toronto screening, James and his crew were awarded Grand Prize ‘Best Film’ at the film festival where the next day he flew from LAX to Montreal arriving only hours before the opening of his Montreal showing.

On Queen Street East in the Beaches

Merchandise for sale at the Fox Theatre (For inquiries, contact cdeery@picardstudios.ca.)

James greeting fans before the screening at the Fox theatre.

Guests sitting in anticipation, waiting for film to start.

James and guest Martin Dannys before the show.

James Picard’s Iconic Musicians pencil on paper from left to right: Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Frank Zappa.

James with gallery director Ralph Alfonso.

Artist James Picard’s life is about creativity, art and music. He has spent time with some of the biggest names in the music industry and captured their energy in powerful portraits created in pencil.
His time spent with Leonard Cohen had both artists bonding over their love of art, music and a deep connection with the darkness of humanity.
“Leonard Cohen was, and still is, one of the most fascinating and enigmatic artists of our time. He was a Renaissance man who crossed the elusive artistic borders with the ease and grace of a soaring bird.” says Picard. “I am honoured and humbled to create portraits of so many visionary artists.”

James with Assistant Ciara at the Montreal exhibition opening.

Two Picard fans enjoying the exhibition.

Sharing some artistic tips with young fan.

Guests at exhibition, opening night.

Close up of Prince portrait

BBam Gallery

The Dark & The Wounded directed by James Picard and Jeff Dean triumphed over 87 New Media films and content to win Grand Prize “Best Film” at the 8th Annual New Media Film Festival that ran June 6 to 8, 2017.

James interviewed before Dark and Wounded screening at New Wave Film Fest.

Matt Goldman, Susan Dolnik, Jeff Dean, James Picard and Richard Chacon in the lobby after winning Grand Prize.

World Premiere

Grand Prize: The Dark and The Wounded (screened in Short Category)

Director: James Picard, Jeff Dean Country: Canada, USA

Running Time: 26:24

“To go beneath the surface of our distracted reality and get to the root of what is really happening to us as individuals, society and as a species on the planet. By getting past our fears we can become more compassionate and understanding towards ourselves and others, beyond fear, there truly is freedom.”

  • World Premiere
  • Official Selection
  • Grand Prize!

On set for cameo appearance in Yellow, a Sarah Deakins Film in which 42 oil paintings by James Picard will be featured.

YELLOW follows 10 characters during one seemingly ordinary afternoon in an art gallery, but on this particular afternoon, all of these characters experience some sort of cross roads in their lives.

It’s about the intricacies about what it means to be human, its about art and love, poetry, and the pursuits of our own truths, and we have a stellar cast to help us bring this all to light!

MARVEL STUDIOS in Los Angeles is also interested in James’ Dark and Wounded European Tour and series with a unique spin as only Marvel could do.

Talks have started with HBO in Los Angeles for a television pilot featuring James and his Dark and Wounded Series.

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