Exhibition of 1930s Women

I’ve always loved the 1930s and admired the fashion and role that women had during this decade.
During the thirties depression, women become the glue that held the entire family structure together. Women were savvy, strong and stylish despite the hardship faced.

The 1930s were radio, movies, music and dancing. Swing music and bands headed by famous artists like Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington. Finger waves, lipstick and cigarettes. I wanted to create these stylish women in pencil, black and white… the things dreams were made of, until talkies and colour vision came along.

Los Angeles California
February 2017

Exhibition of Paintings

Addicted to art and creativity.

Even if Picard isn’t standing in front of an easel or furiously drawing in his sketchbook, he is creating. This exhibition will show off his many talents and mediums as he seems to be taking on the art world single-handedly by constantly creating new beautiful art pieces.

Los Angeles California
March 2017

Dark & Wounded Selected Works Exhibition

Tapping into some of the bleakest locations known to humanity, including decommissioned psychiatric hospitals and disused prisons such as the Incredible Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco, Picard’s sensitive energies tap into the well of emotional injuries that haunt the somber corridors of these empty edifices. The result is deeply moving and sometimes disturbing work. Picard notes “as individuals and as a society, we’re not dealing with the deeper issues. The Dark & The Wounded is about understanding and healing, and looking at things we’ve been afraid to acknowledge. This is about facing reality, getting past the fear, and finding freedom.”

New York City, New York
May 2017

Private Screening Dark & Wounded Film

Going back into one of the most haunted and disturbing buildings on the Dark & Wounded Tour will be an extremely moving and unique experience, for not only Picard and his crew, but all attendees as we show the documentary film that began back in 2012. A selection of works from the Dark & Wounded Series will be hung in the Asylum.

Date & Tickets TBA

Rolling Hills Asylum
Bethany, New York
May 2017

Westbrook Exhibition featuring James Picard

London, UK
Early June 2017

Dark & Wounded Documentary Film

“The paintings in this series are reflective of some of the dark and wounded times in human history as well as from my own life experience. I wanted to touch on the fears we have by looking inward. Working on this series has helped me to heal. It is my hope it does the same for you.”

This James Picard quote perfectly sums up what the Dark and The Wounded series is all about. Witness all of the behind-the-scene details of Picard’s North American The Dark and the Wounded tour and get a glimpse into Picard’s vision.

Film Festivals across United States and Canada
February-October 2017