“I want to leave a legacy that will
survive long after I’m gone.”

I believe that I was born onto this planet to not only create amazing art in the form of paintings and drawings, but to make a difference while I’m here. I feel it’s truly a gift to be given the opportunity to breathe and be alive and to have that awareness daily.

I think that human beings do not always live up to their full potential because of fear. ..fear of failure, fear of what others think or what others expect of them. But it’s when one overcomes their fear that they can push past boundaries and achieve greatness.

Some of the greatest innovations in humanity come from those that push themselves right to the edge and even a bit over… then share the results with others. You inspire, you disturb, you create change.


Behind the scenes of The
Dark and The Wounded

Get a glimpse into The Dark and The Wounded, James Picard’s thought-provoking exhibition that explores facing reality, getting past the fear and finding freedom in your truth.

“I believe that art can change the world. I believe that it can help create an awareness that will allow people to see the edge without having to go there.”

-James Picard


February 2017
Los Angeles, California

March 2017
Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany, New York

March 2017
Los Angeles, California

May 2017
New York City, New York